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Language Excursions

The most effective way to learn a language is through immersion in the culture, place and people that operate in the language you want to learn.

Back in 2012, Coffeebeans Routes, our sister travel entity, incubated an English language school in Cape Town with an exciting new approach – learning English through cultural immersion.

At the heart of the Kurus English learning model is the 21 module Language Excursion programme. 

These are language classes that take place outside of the classroom, meeting interesting people across every part of Cape Town, and engaging with English in real, compelling situations. While the acceleration of English language learning is goal, the Language Excursions also function as cultural diversity learning opportunities. 

The Language Excursion programme is operated by Kurus English and Coffeebeans Routes through the English Language Centre at the University of Cape Town. 

We offer language learning programmes with general English classes in the morning, Language Excursions on three afternoons a week, plus accommodation and additional activities.