English Courses

The most effective way to learn a language is through immersion in the culture, place and people that are the language you want to learn.

Almost ten years ago, Coffeebeans Routes incubated an English language school with an exciting new approach – learning English through cultural immersion.

In addition to standardised classroom learning, Kurus English offers what they call Language Excursions. These are intercultural competency classes, afternoon classes, that take place outside of the classroom, meeting interesting people across every part of Cape Town, and engaging with English in real, compelling situations.

Coffeebeans worked with Kurus to create some 30 unique excursions, all focused around enhanced English language learning outcomes. A tour guide facilitates the session, a teacher provides support, and the hosts – farmers, artists, environmentalists, fashion designers, cooks, musicians, business women, the variety is huge – the hosts all provide their insights and access to their worlds.


Across a two week programme, students leave with far richer, deeper cultural understanding, which greatly assists in enhancing global competencies, and their comprehension of and usage of English improves, at far greater level than with regular classes only. A key enable is confidence – the Language Excursions assist in building confidence, and providing the environment in which to use the language.

Below are some videos that provide a sense of how the Language Excursions work.

Packages start at 7 days, with 5 days of morning classes, 3 afternoons of Language Excursions, accommodation, and a choice of sightseeing options in free time.

In terms of learning outcomes, 2 weeks is the best starting point, and 4 – 6 weeks optimal.

The Language Excursion programme can be fully customised according to specific learning outcome needs. This is best suited for corporate groups.