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Terms & Conditions

All tour bookings are payable in full in advance.

Payments can be made by credit card. 

Call us in the office +27218136140 / mobile +27639034533

Our office hours are 08h30 to 18h00.


The essential premise of our tours is that we want to host you like you would host your friends at home: with grace and generous hospitality, attentive to the needs of the guests.

When you invite your friends over, you don’t consider your public liability insurance, you don’t have an ambulance on standby just in case one of your guests has a heart attack, you don’t notify the police. You have the best interests of your guests at heart, and that is the spirit that governs the evening.

The same applies to the Coffeebeans Routes tours. However, there are precautions that we must take to protect our guests and the company, and to comply with the law. 

Please take careful note of the terms and conditions below.

All services by Coffeebeans Routes (a travel brand operated by African Creative Investments Pty Ltd), as offered on these webpages, in brochures, booklets or verbally through one of our consultants or agents, are subject to the following terms and conditions of operations and indemnity. As a direct client or an agent of Coffeebeans Routes, below referred to as The Client/Agent, you agree with:

1. Service Level Agreement
1.1 Our consultants are committed to delivering a high standard of service to our clients at  all times.

1.2 We ensure that all vehicles used are clean, roadworthy, fully licensed and insured for passenger liability.

1.3 We are available telephonically on +278136140 in the office or +27794958782 mobile, and email, during office hours (Monday to Friday 09h00-18h00).

1.4 We will respond to any enquiry in writing within 24 working hours.

1.5 As a Fair Trade Certified travel business, we adhere to practices that seek to ensure that we act fairly toward our suppliers and clients in every aspect of the business.

2. Description of Service
2.1 We offer day tours, evening tours, multi-day programmes, events, package programmes and other tourism services. Detailed description of all tours and services included are available at

2.2 All services are conducted in English, unless otherwise specified.

2.3 Transport, entrance fees, meals and refreshments are only included when and as specified in the tour description on, otherwise these and any other personal costs are for the account of The Client/Agent.

2.4 Availability of tours
All tours and services are subject to availability. Availability is subject to minimum and maximum numbers of visitors on the specific tours, weather conditions, and availability of fuel, Force Majeur or other unforeseen circumstances.

2.5 Content and routes of tours
The content of the tours, such as venues visited, guides and hosts involved, particular routes and destinations are subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We explicitly reserve the right to change the above mentioned if we deem necessary. We ensure that possible changes to the itinerary will not change the overall experience as laid out in the tour descriptions, nor add to the agreed price, and will not compromise the overall quality.

2.6 Cost per person per tour
Cost per person is subject to change without prior notice. We cannot hold prices stated on out-dated information material, such as flyers, brochures and price lists. An up-to-date and valid price list can be found on

3. Booking procedure
A selection of our day and evening tours can be booked and paid directly online. Bookings can also be made by phone or email. Customised programmes are developed in consultation over email and telephone.

3.1 Full payment will secure a booking and is to be paid upon confirmation of reservation.

3.2 It is the Client’s/Agent’s responsibility to ensure that the full invoiced amount is to reach our account net of any bank charges. All costs such as bank charges for cash deposits or international transfers are those of the Client/Agent.

3.3 Once payment has been made to us, all services booked with us are non-transferable. Cancellation terms apply (see point 4).

4. Cancellation and amendments
4.1 Any cancellation or amendment must be conveyed to us in writing.

4.2 The following cancellation fees are applicable for Free Independent Travellers (FIT) booking standard day or evening tours (up to 10 in a group) or standard multi-day programmes, as well as for small group bookings of standard day or evening tours:

  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 31 days before the tour commencement date, a 20% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 30 – 15 days before the tour commencement date, a 50% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 14 – 03 days before the tour commencement date, a 75% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 02 – 01 days before the tour commencement  date, a 100% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • In the case of “no show”, a 100% cancellation fee is applicable.

4.3 In the case of FIT bookings that are customised and specialised multi-day programmes, large group bookings on standard day or evening tours, and group bookings for customised and specialised multi-day programmes, the following cancellation terms apply once payment has been made:

  • If cancellation is received by the Operator more than 90 days before the tour commencement date, a 50% fee is applicable.
  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 90 – 30 days before the tour commencement date, a 75% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • If cancellation is received by the Operator 29 – 0 days before the tour commencement date, a 100% cancellation fee is applicable.
  • In the case of “no show”, a 100% cancellation fee is applicable.

4.4 Robben Island and Table Mountain cancellations for FIT bookings
Where guests have booked the full day Robben Island Table Mountain programme, and bad weather results in both elements not being possible, there are two possibilities:

4.4.1 guests are offered an alternative for the day, and can use the Table Mountain tickets on another day, and we would try and rebook the Robben Island tickets for another day. If the tickets still cannot be used, the tickets are refunded to the guests.
4.4.2 guests can cancel the booking, and receive a 50% refund on the total value of the Robben Island Table Mountain tour booking for that day.

Please note that we are unable to reschedule the full tour on another day due to our other tour commitments.

4.5 Robben Island and Table Mountain cancellations for group bookings
Where the full day Robben Island Table Mountain tour has been programmed as part of a group programme, and the weather dictates that the Island and the Mountain are inaccessible, then:

4.5.1 we would seek to swap days around and programme this day later in the programme, subject to availability of Robben Island tickets on another day.
4.5.2 If a swap isn’t possible, we programme a different activity for the day.

Refunds for the Robben Island Table Mountain tour are not possible for group bookings.

5. Responsibility and liability
5.1 All services being provided to the client/agent by us are accepted at the Agent’s and its clients’ own risk. Coffeebeans Routes, its employees and any other persons contracted by us, will not be held liable by the Agent or its clients or their dependants for any claim arising from any injuries, damages and/or losses, to property or to persons, whether fatal or otherwise, sustained during or as a result of the delivery of services supplied by Coffeebeans Routes however such injuries or losses are caused or incurred.

5.2 Coffeebeans Routes and all other persons contracted by the Agent / Client are indemnified and cannot be claimed against by the client/agent for any reason whatsoever.

5.3 Force Majeur (Acts of God)
Coffeebeans Routes shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of lectricity or [telephone service], and no other Party will have a right to terminate this Agreement in such circumstances.

6. Intellectual property
6.1 All concepts, products and services remain entirely the property of Coffeebeans Routes and its subcontractors or suppliers. The Client/Agent has no right to alter or change any aspect of our products without prior acceptance in writing from us. Further, the Client/Agent has no right to use the content or concepts or the services rendered by us,or part thereof, in any other context beyond this service agreement.

7. General conditions
7.1 No amendment of this Agreement shall have any effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

7.2 No indulgence on the part of either party to the other shall constitute a waiver of rights in terms of this Agreement.

7.3 This contract sets out the full basis of the relationship between Coffeebeans Routes and The Client/Agent who, by entering into agreement with us, acknowledges that it is governed by the laws of The Republic of South Africa and that in the event of The Agent or its clients bringing any legal action against us, our directors, members, servants, Agents, subcontractors or other employees, direct or indirect, that only the courts of The Republic of South Africa shall have jurisdiction.

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