We are division of the award winning tour operator Coffeebeans Routes.

Creative Travel is a 360º full service creative DMC that specialises in original, creative, cultural, urban African experiences. We showcase contemporary Africa. And we take pride in assembling programmes featuring almost exclusively our own original content.

When you want to get beyond the animals, and engage deeply with the human character of the continent, we are who you want to talk to.

We also love wilderness and marine retreats, and the opportunity to lose oneself to the wild, to natural eco systems, to nature. We like to feature Fair Trade Certified or fair-trade-in-principle properties, and co-operatively or community owned properties. (Fair-trade-in-principle properties are not formally accredited but meet our own criteria for creating environmentally sustainable or regenerative eco systems, allied to labour and ownership structures that seek to address social injustice). We have relationships with some beautiful properties in the bush or at the beach, at key locations across the continent.

We specialise in academic programmes in South Africa. We have a strong grounding in creating high outcome educational programmes, with developed curriculum. Our programmes include 7 day MBA immersions in emerging economies and quantum economics; 10 – 14 day post graduate public art discourse programmes; accredited executive level Sustainability immersions; 7 – 10 day high school history immersions. We also offer academic oriented design programmes, culinary programmes… whatever the area of academic interest, we can fulfill it.

Our area of expertise also includes programmes for Special Interest groups, from the small to medium sized. Themes include art, music, theatre, history and heritage, cuisine, indigenous traditions and knowledge systems, festival packages, spirituality … talk to us about a particular area of focus, we have the expertise and skills to put together immersive programmes on just about any topic.

We are also eventing specialists, with wide experience in putting together small and medium scale (up to 500 people) events, bringing together conferencing, performance and the logistics of moving groups of people around, together with the technical expertise needed to produce complex productions.